What We Do


Core Programs

Boys & Girls Clubs provide diverse activities that meet the interests of all youth. Core Programs engage young people in activities with adults, peers and family members, that enable them to develop self-esteem and to reach their full potential. Based on physical, emotional, cultural and social needs and interests of girls and boys, and recognizing developmental principles, Clubs offer program activities in five areas:

  • Character & Leadership

  • Education & Career

  • Health & Life Skills

  • The Arts

  • Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Youth Development Strategy

The philosophy underlying Boys & Girls Club programming is the Youth Development Strategy. This strategy defines how youth development professionals and volunteers interact with young people. All programs and activities are designed to maximize opportunities for young people to acquire four basic "senses" which help them build self-esteem and grow into responsible and caring citizens. These four "senses" are:

  • A sense of competence - Young people feel proud and confident when they acquire new skills and know they can do something and do it well. This happens naturally through participation in programs, but it can be enhanced through a conscious effort to help girls and boys develop skills and to recognize them formally and informally for their achievements.

  • A sense of usefulness - Young people know the satisfaction of doing something of value for others. It is important to seek out opportunities for young people of all ages to do something useful for others, whether it is helping at the Club or participating in community service projects.

  • A sense of belonging - Young people know they are welcome and feel that they fit in and are accepted. This occurs naturally in Boys & Girls Clubs. It is enhanced through warm greetings from staff members when young people arrive at the Club, the use of membership cards, small group programs, Club T-shirts, publishing and posting names and photographs of young people involved in programs, or anything else, tangible or intangible, that helps young people feel safe, comfortable and accepted at the Club.

  • A sense of power and influence - Young people know their opinions are heard and valued and that they can influence decisions. This can be enhanced through participation in youth councils, discussion groups, interest surveys and other opportunities to contribute to the development of Club programs and rules.

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